Hi, I’m Kiira.

I coach skaters to revive their greatness!

As a two-time Finnish Olympian (2006 & 2010) the most valuable life lessons for me come from my 30+ years of experience in figure skating.

I’ve been coached by many of the world’s best coaches. I’ve experienced a range of coaching styles from abusive and constricting to absolutely transformative and life-saving.

I know what a great coach can do. They can serve as an honest mirror of your own goodness and worth.

That is what I aim to do or rather be as a coach.

It brings me so much joy to see the individual gifts of each skater, and to help skaters to remember, celebrate and share them.

I believe that outer success without inner freedom is not true success.

True success arises naturally when we live in alignment with our heart, body and mind.

Photo: Elina Paasonen

What my wonderful clients say

Kiira is pure beauty and Grace on ice.

Inspirational as she exquisitely demonstrates everything with top technical precision. Positive and encouraging with her effective approach to tackling any element, a delightful breath of fresh air with her ingenious choreographed exercises that are fun and challenging.

It’s such a pleasure and privilege to be on the ice to skate with and be empowered by this compassionate and humble coach who generously shares her greatness.

Kiira’s coaching style is motivational, supportive, and most importantly, fun! I always look forward to her lessons, and I know I’ll come out of each one with a better understanding of each element and something to practice on my own. She does a great job of helping to explore the different variations of each movement, and will help you figure out which one works for you.

I love Kiira’s coaching style because it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach like other coaches, and there is absolutely no negativity. 

I think Kiira is a great coach. Whenever I’m with her I can relax and I don’t have to worry if she’ll get mad at me for making a mistake.

She always gives positive feedback but also finds things I can improve.

I’ve also had virtual mental coaching with her. It has helped me with competition pressure and my ability to focus.